Civil and Structural

Our team of civil and structural engineers having profound experience and having worked in wide variety of projects, are extremely capable of providing services in the following categories:


Super Structure

Detailed design for Piperack, Process Structures, Compressor Shelters, Reactor buildings, Furnace Structures, Industrial Shed including PEB structures and other steel structures. Module steel design (In-Situ, Sea / Land transportation and lifting analysis) for Module Piperack and Process Structures. Blast resistant design of Substation and Control Building,



Design of Foundations for Technological Structures and all types of equipment foundations such as Process Columns, Vertical / Horizontal Vessels, Storage Tank, Exchangers and Skids etc.



Preparation of architectural drawing, GA & detailed drawings, Fabrication drawings and connection design


Dynamic Analysis of Machine Foundation

Block and Table Top Foundations for rotary and reciprocating type equipment such as large size Pumps, Compressors, Turbines, AD / FD Fans and TG foundation using Steady state and Time History Analysis


Seismic Analysis

Seismic Analysis (Response Spectra & Time History) of Technological Structures & Foundations using Finite Element Methods


Road, Retaining walls and Culvert

Design of box/ slab culvert, retaining walls, Road and Pavement design


Underground Utilities and drainage services

Design of underground pipe network (gravity and pressure line), storm water drain, PIT / SUMPS/BASIN, and Trenches


Water & Waste water Treatment Plant

Design of AG/ UG water tank, ETP etc.


Tender document and Design basis preparation

Preparation of Tender Document and Design Basis


Bulk MTO estimation for Civil & Structural works

Preliminary design calculation for Bulk MTO estimation

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